Augmented reality \ virtual reality AR \ VR

giottastudio virtual reality augmented realty realtà aumentata realtà virtuale

virtual reality - simulation of reality VIRTUAL REALITY

Virtual reality implies a complete immersion experience that closes the real world. Using VR devices, users can be transported into a range of real and imaginary environments to live this experience. We offer unique tools specially designed for specific marketing, education or entertainment goals. Projected into a new world, a new space and a new time.

Live the adventures and experiences firsthand, breaking down geographical boundaries and simulating any environment.

Thanks to this sophisticated technology you can enter into a Van Gogh painting, dive in the ocean, discover the circles of hell, have fun on a snowy mountainside, visit a city or a museum, explore the space of your home and much more.

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Instructions for Use: - unzip zip folder - run the MyProject3 application (the antivirus could block the start, allow it to run)
Required components: - Windows platform - DirectX

augmented reality for app AUGMENTED REALITY

Augmented reality adds the digital elements to a live view using the camera on smartphones, tablets, 3D headsets and mixed reality headsets. Augmented reality inaugurates new application horizons that help companies in many areas. A unique, highly emotional and distraction-free experience!

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Selected images and videos are examples only. Some of them were made via the recording from the PC screen, so the graphics are of lower quality.

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