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Giottastudio is a 3D representation company based in Milan. Born from the passion of Luca Giotta from Valtellina, the studio is now recognized as a reliable company with a solid base of numerous clients and collaborations, both locally and internationally. The studio has its headquaters in Sondrio, Lombardy, in the historic center and over the years has also opened two offices in Europe, in Prague and Zurich. The synergy of cooperation between all the professionals involved in the various locations allow Giottastudio to respond in a dynamic and creative way to the different clients needs.

Whether it is a matter of elaborating simple technical drawings, even of a constructive level, or of representing the project in all its phases, the studio is able to offer highly professional and performing support to the clients. We have combined here our knowledge with those of other collaborators, enriching the skills also in the field of virtual reality.

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Luca Giotta began his professional activity in the 90’s working as a draftsman for some architectural firms in his territorial reality, where he has the opportunity to follow the entire canonical design process, with all the related difficulties. During these years the awareness of having to work alongside professionals not only as executor of the technical drawings but also as “facilitator” in the creation of a strategy for representing projects was born. Thus began a study of the best 3D representation techniques … a real passion! … extraordinarily useful to designers! Luca Giotta refines his skills as a consultant for some well-known architectural firms, supporting them in the creation of digital images that can be remembered. Many images of the study have been published in media and magazines and have contributed to the victory of numerous international competitions.

Simone Giotta graduated from the technical institute for surveyors in Rimini. He subsequently attended the University of Architecture in Bologna, approaching – once he moved to the Czech Republic – the 3D world that he considers a passion, rather than a real job.

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Creativity, passion for computer graphics and the ability to work closely with designers are the core of our reality. Giottastudio works as a laboratory for the creation of static and dynamic images for effective representing the design idea, within architectural and / or engineering interventions or within design objects. Giottastudio offers multiple skills making thw studio particularly effective in definition of a new methodology for interpreting 3D rendering. Optimization of 3D models, creation of materials and composition of the frame are the tools we have chosen to create evocative and exciting images. Giottastudio believes in 3D visual communication as a means of helping people and companies to visualize their ideas and make their projects more tangible, through a wide specialization also in virtual and augmented reality.

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